I’d used to think I was unique in my adverse reaction to change but as time went on I realized that not only was it a problem for me, it was a problem for nearly everyone who suffers from an eating disorder, and beyond that, people in general. It is a rare person who embraces […]

The anorexic brain

I rewatched this yesterday and cried. She gets it, she understands. She clearly shows how our brains work differently and why everything about eating is distressing. She has a wonderful way to demonstrate the noise in our head when we eat and what happens when we don’t. It’s only 18 minutes but the best 18 […]

I don’t want to be a might-have-been!

The following is my favorite poem. It’s short and quite simplistic but has quite a lot to say in my opinion. It’s dismissed by poets as being a simply ditty I suppose but I don’t care, I like it. It’s easy enough to memorize and thus far anyone who hears it likes it too. So […]

Diary log update, umm, hmmm

  I have this diary and am on year 4 of it. It has a question for each day and a couple of lines for each year to jot down a few words or sentence. I like that it restricts my thoughts to, well, a thought. I’m going to update the past week based on each days […]

Fear… again

So yeah, I had to schedule a new colonoscopy. Normally it is every ten years but when I got it done three years ago my system was so messed up (thank you ED) that I had to do a redo in 3 years, meaning now. They ordered an extended prep which is 2 days of […]

Guess what???

I’m in iOP!!!!! My provider simply couldn’t get through to the insurance company, i.e., Veterans Choice. It was a nightmare so after calling them on my own, and telling them they were effecting my life, I found out that if I call with my provider, I’ll get right through so we did that Wednesday morning. […]


iOP (intensive outpatient) Remember everything I said about not getting into iOP? Well, I may actually have a chance although I’d rather wait before writing this blog. I went in to the nutrition clinic for my appointment and was able to sit down and talk with the insurance person. She explained everything as well as […]