reacting when invalidated

When I was in iOP I had problems with anxiety attacks and was over reacting in different situations. The thing is, I couldn’t identify what was triggering those reactions at the time. Sometimes they were explosive which is so not me!! Afterwards I’d feel a lot of guilt and shame. That would trigger my other […]

rip romeo

How do I express how I feel right now. I might as well use their names since I’ve posted (and am reposting) a link to their website. It was all of us: myself, Peggy, John (her boyfriend/ grounds keeper), and Bill (the barn manager). I got there early and had a chance to groom Romeo one last […]

post discharge, not as smooth as I had hoped

So much has happened that I ought to have been writing everyday but there I am and clearly I haven’t. I’m thinking I’ll put the highlights… Tuesday I hadn’t mentioned in my last post the difficulties I had the evening of discharge day. As soon as I got home I got a call from a […]


Today is my first full day home! I feel like I haven’t been on here in ages even though it’s only been one week. It was such a whirl wind last week I can hardly remember. I have a lot to share, especially with my art therapy but I’m sitting here at the cafe before […]

Compliance and goldilocks

Ceramics Remember ignore-me girl? She’s had so much personal growth over this past week and we are getting my along wonderfully. What a change! It’s been a good weekend, no tension, at least not with her and the other patients. We went to ceramics for our Saturday program. It was fun and ignore-me girl discovered […]

Medication debacle but a good program week

Welcome back… what? What a wird thing to say but then I feel rather like that after yesterdays medication side effect adventure. First I’ll update about that then my week which was very emotional as well and encouraging and confidence building. Bipolar Medication Debacle I believe I wrote about agitated depression awhile back. I woke […]

Weekend wrap

What a interesting weekend…. um, yeah. It turned out more or less like I expected, now that I reflect back. As mentioned we went apple picking on Saturday. Oh wait, Friday night. I got some capsaicin from my doctor so thought I’d give that a whirl. Did I read the insert when I got it? […]