I love to bake!




Orange scones and coconut macaroons


5 thoughts on “I love to bake!

  1. Loving your baking!!! I am addicted to baking/cooking anything at anytime. For anyone. I’m feeding everyone but me. Constantly. I’m a massive baker so looks like we have that in common. When we need a distraction we can just talk about cakes 🙂 dreading admission and not being able to bake 😦
    Aimee (lostessexgirl)

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    1. I’ll have to update with the “perfect” (finally) loaves of bread I have been making. I’m so happy about those!! The place I went to, once a week we had to do a group lunch and also a group snack. We got to pick what to do in the kitchen and did all the prep, etc. I do t know if other programs do that. At one, someone requested my cookie recipe so we did that. A blast from home so to speak.


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