Managing life in Positive way

I looked back and was surprised to see that it’s been since October that I posted, well, other than my bedspread pictures. This is a great time to post actually since I’ve just had my weekly nutrition appointment. As usual it went well. It’s been going well for quite some time even if there are […]

Where has Lexy gone??

That’s a long complicated answer which I’ll hopefully motivate myself to write soon. Aside from that, I’ve been devoting all my sit down time to finishing the crocheted bedspread I started earlier this year. Finished!!!!

Clarifying Personal values

I apologize for being a bit slack in posting. I’ve had a housemate staying with me for about 3 weeks so have been otherwise engaged.  Today is a busy day, wait no, this week is busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow I have two dental appointments. Originally I was scheduled for a dental cleaning but suddenly had […]

liebster award

Thank you to anadancer for nominating me. I’ve felt invisible most of my life like I’m in the back row of the theater looking out on everyone else. When people acknowledge my presence it used to catch me by surprise, it still does in some ways. However, now I also get a warm feeling like […]

Fog and pain

Getting the energy up to write this is difficult. Living with fibromyalgia is, at times, no big deal, at others…. taxing. I’ve been in a fibro fog for over a week now. Why? Because recovering from an eating disorder is difficult and stress inducing to say the least. I’ve not been on point with recovery. […]


I just did a major food challenge: ate out at a cafe for lunch. What made it even more difficult was that they had run out of most of what were options for me to choose from. The saving grace was having learned how to make quick choices when we did restaurant challenges in treatment. […]