At the Stables

I volunteer at Equi-Star; their site here. I love all the horses but especially Snowflake. They are amazing animals, as are the staff, and I feel fortunate enough to have met them.

Loving on my girl – Snowflake  …also the barn kitty, Tiger


I had a chance to walk Romeo. He had a stroke last year so his gate is a bit off. Poor baby. I did learn, the hard way, to walk a bit further from him. He caught the side of my boot. I’d rather not have my foot crushed, lol. He won’t be with us for too much longer so anytime spent with him is precious.





Sadie with her baby, Lucian.



Big Pete being trained on a harness with the Barn Manager. If you watch to the end he finally gets the hang of it. However, he is not happy. He has a big of an attitude and tries to know gates down and anything else. The hope is that once he gets working, he will calm down. He is a work horse and needs to do more than standing around.

And, of course, mucking stalls. 😛

Any thoughts?

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