Myself and this blog, Explained

After a year I finally figured out what my blog is going to be about: anorexia recovery and therapy. Sometimes gut wrenching, sometimes positive, always honest and forthright. I don’t hold anything back.

Most of my life I felt very alone, isolated in my thoughts, behavior, and trauma experiences. I feel a deep desire to share so others can not feel that way, not feel alone, not feel isolated. My hope is that we can make this journey together, moving forward. Looking back at the last six months (Feb 2017 and on) I have come to realize, thanks to many helpful comments) that recovery is not a continual forward movement but rather something like walking in a storm, buffeted by winds with an occasional oasis for relief.

It’s hard, it hurts and is many times humbling… but this is life – good, bad, ugly, beautiful.


A wee bit about me:

  • anorexic: struggling through, on exercise restriction too (possibly permanently)
  • bipolar 1, mixed: yay, sigh, yay, sigh… and so on
  • chronic pain & fibromyalgia: ouch, yikes, oy
  • tinnitus: LOUD
  • complex ptsd (emdr, therapy… helping)
  • ex-athlete: body building, cycling, dancer, yoga – no more
  • ex-gardener
  • ex-word for ‘sure, I’ll try anything’
  • ex-optimist (now a realist)

On the lighter side:

  • crochet artist
  • advocate for old fashion letter writing, you know, with stamps, etc
  • mad organizational skills
  • baker
  • science fiction nerd
  • adult coloring fiend




8 thoughts on “Myself and this blog, Explained

  1. Congratulations on getting into, and sticking with, the program. I’m ‘bipolar 2’, so mostly way, way down with long periods of ‘meh’. I have ‘mild’ tinnitus, having music playing or the TV on constantly helps. I have a pretty good case of chronic kidney failure… I just had a kidney transplant. There’s also chronic back pain, and I’m definitely an insomniac. I spent eighteen years as an untreated manic depressive, so there were a LOT of sleepless nights… days upon days at times. PTSD as well… the EMDR helped me as well. I’m a Sci-Fi geek… ‘Bladerunner’ and ‘Run Lola Run’ are two of my favourite movies. ‘Mockingbird’ by Walter Tevis is my favourite book.

    And I’m really enjoying your blog.


    1. Holy cow, are we related? 😳 I love Bladerunner! But on the flip side I also love The Fifth Element. 😄

      It’s funny because I’ve always valued quite, silence, and then found out that sitting in silence increases both tinnitus volume as well as noise intolerance. Who knew?

      Thank you for following my blog. It’s one place I can just lay myself out, be raw so to speak. Besides all the therapeutic benefits I get from writing, my hope is that others in similar situations or head-spaces wont feel so alone. What I didn’t expect was that I myself would feel less alone because of people like yourself sharing.

      Thank you!

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  2. I love The Fifth Element! Totally underrated movie.

    Recovery blogs, when they’re done properly, can be very therapeutic for both the writer and the reader. And it looks like you’re doing it right… you’re being as honest and raw as you possibly can be. I had a recovery blog for seven years, more than just writing it, it was the feedback that helped me. It gave me a sense of community, that I wasn’t alone and that we could help each other. I mean, how many people with bipolar live in your community? There might be two or three others in my little village, but I managed to discover and interact with dozens of people going through exactly what I had been through the blog. Again, congratulations on getting into, and sticking with treatment. And congratulations on a fantastic blog.

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  3. hi Lexy 🙂 it’s Emma, I had to delete my old blog but if you fancy following my new one it is called “a new chapter for Em” and it’s linked to my wee icon here. It’s so sparse, omg I miss all my old posts and being able to look back on progress or repeated struggles… but anyway ! onwards and etc eh? I’m still doing Three Things Thursday so at least there is that! xxx hope your weekend is going ok 🙂 Em


      1. aw no pressure on the Thursday thing 🙂 I just wanted to let you know I’m still doing it if you feel like joining in and also explain about where my blog went! Thanks for letting me know about the follow button changed the theme so there is a follow button on it now at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy the rest of the weekend x chat soon, Em


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