post interview update & recommendation for a laugh

Finished my interview and still don’t know. She said she had to review it with the team and let me know the decision (maybe) Monday. If if it’s positive, there’s no availability so I’ll just carry on. She also told me they never got paid for my last stay so I’ve been on the phone for the last ½ hour with insurance. That went no where so next week I’ll be conferencing calling with them and the intake coordinator who does the insurance. That really is the best way because I’m assuming it’s harder to give her the run around when I, the veteran, is on the line.

She assured me this would in no way effect their decision to admit me again. Time will tell….. or it won’t…


Also, I find laughter to be a welcome relief in all this tragedy. I like ironic humor, if that’s what it’s called and found a great blog. This will link to one of the latest posts. Mindfump

These are a couple of the first I read that sucked me in:

Any thoughts?

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