14 things your loved on with an ED want you to know (but is too afraid to tell )

First of all I want to thank MyWingedWords for writing a post considering whether she wanted to open up to friends about having an ED. Her post is here.

I posted a link in my comment then realized that maybe it would be helpful to others. Here is a copy of that comment, with the link:

I was thinking about this. I found an excellent article: https://www.recoverywarriors.com/14-things-loved-one-eating-disorder/ I almost posted it to FB but glad I gave it some thought first. A couple people know but I’m not ready to come out of the ED closet to everyone. Maybe I never will be with some people. It’s nice to go out with people who don’t know, regardless of their comments, because I can just be one of the crowd, so to speak, without anyone feeling like they have to be on eggshells around me. Make sense? However, I don’t have a lot of friends, actually very few, other than program friends. If you have a lot, maybe you want to share so you can get more support? It’s such an intimate decision. I asked advice from a couple of people who know. They both cautioned me and advised more thought. Glad I listened to them. Having said that, I kept the link to share. I really want to share it with those who know but am embarrassed to because I feel like it’s selfish despite my having to put up with many of the remarks they make. I’m still giving it thought. It’s a really hard decision for any of us.

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