7 ½ hrs, holy crap!

Yes, you heard it… 7 ½ hrs! What am I talking about you ask? Sleep of course! I’ve been periodically getting more and more sleep (thank you med change) but this was shocking. However, this works out well with my plan today.

Detour that will come back to my plans…

Before I went into Sol Stone eating disorder program I was freeeeeeezing all the time. You know the drill, 4-5 layers when everyone else is wearing maybe 2? I thought everyone would be like me in treatment but they weren’t. I was so happy when someone would come in that was cold because I felt less alone. I was cold all through treatment up till the last week when the hot flushes started. Wow, and did they ever start! What they didn’t warn me about was that a part of the refeeding side effects are hot flushes and night sweats. It’s because the hormones are going nuts with added nutrition as everything in the body is running around trying to get back into proper alignment, or whatever. Obviously they are awful but something else bothered me about it. It took a while to figure out…. no, I figured it out right away but it took a while to admit to myself that feeling cold was like a badge of honor. “Look at me, my body is so malnourished that I can’t hold on to heat… look at me, I’m a ‘good’ anorexic because I’m so cold,” and so on. So feeling hot makes me feel fat, a failure, lazy, disgusting and ashamed. Sigh…

At my age hot flushes should be a normal thing but I had nixed them in the butt by taking a combination of evening primrose oil capsules and soy. That worked perfectly for the whole menopause issue but that all went by the wayside with anorexia, didn’t it?

On top of all this I simply can’t stand my body anymore. I can’t adjust to the size I am. I puff out of everything and my body just spreads out across the chair cushions, over my belt, all of that… just awful! Now I know I can’t have gained 50 lbs in a  week but I’ve gained nonetheless. I’m going to continue with my meal plan as is though because my nutritionist won’t make adjustments unless I do.

ANYWAY…. plans today. What triggers hot flushes besides, you know, restarting eating food? According to Professor Google: caffeine, chocolate, spicy foods, sugar, etc. I think the sugar is debatable and probably tacked on just like all the people who use being gluten free as a way to lose weight… ugh, side-tracked again. PLANS…

So since I got sleep last night and since I have absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go today, I am going to (don’t faint people) not do caffeine or spicy food today. Pumpernickel bread is made with cocoa so I’ll avoid that too. Oh, didn’t you know that? Cocoa is what makes pumpernickel dark brown.

I know this seems an extreme measure, or at least that is what it seems to me, but I’ve been cold-hot-cold-hot on and off like every 15 minutes continually. The hot is not a nice warm, summer day, feeling. It is a sauna, sweating feeling. So it’s more of a freezing-overheated-freezing-overheated situation.

I’ve been up for 2 hrs, no headache yet, but it usually takes 24 hrs and I had caffeine yesterday afternoon. No worries, I have acetaminophen when the need arises.  Tomorrow I’ll go back to coffee, then Tuesday none. That is the only way I’ll be able to see if those things are effecting me, or if it’s just the food.

8 thoughts on “7 ½ hrs, holy crap!

  1. It’s probably hard to pin down the culprit so to speak, and there may be many! I’m curious to see what you find out though. I am on and off coffee because I don’t make it at home so some days I just don’t get to it (but I drink tea and Coke Zero). I have been eating super hot sauce on my food to get hot and raise my metabolism. I can honestly say that spicy foods will raise your temperature and make you sweat unless you are very used to it. Being dehydrated might also cause your temp to drop I think…? Good for you for getting 7.5 hours sleep! I’ve resorted to meds to and it’s working too.


  2. Get off those meds and just smoke some medical marijuana, seriously consider it. Unless you were talking about switching from sativa to indica 😉


      1. I was diagnosed Bi-polar as a teen, it’s a label they throw on a lot of people who are just having trouble handling the demands of a relentless society.
        When your brain doesn’t have time to slow down, everyone tends to overthink things these days.
        There is nothing wrong with you and there are ways to overcome this without pills…After i got out of a in-patient treatment, they had me on enough meds to tranquilize a rhino and i told myself i couldn’t go through life as a zombie.


  3. I’m glad you were able to get off meds and manage life, that’s great! I’ve been dealing with this for 27 years. I got it as a result, brought on by extreme stress in the military.

    I think you are correct for teens and children, in some circumstances, so it’s good that you got it sorted for yourself.

    Without meds I’d have been dead long ago. Fortunately for me, I am no where close to being a zombie. My meds simply balance me out making me and my mood swings like any other person who doesn’t have bipolar. I also have chronic pain and could probably get the medical marijuana but choose not to for many reasons (which could be a whole post in itself, lol). Fortunately for me, meds work. I know they don’t for everyone. However a person finds a balance I’m all for that. I never push my solution on anyone and don’t like when others do that. Everyone’s solution is different. I make no judgement on your initial post since I perceive you were making your suggestion out off concern. I did go off meds years ago on someone’s advice and ended up on heroin and in jail. For me meds work. Clearly for you they don’t. I’m happy for the both of us! Having said that, if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, making meds unavailable, I’ll seek you out and give it a go, lol.


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