I have an acquaintance in AA who also goes to EDA: Eating disorder Anonymous. She says that she uses AA for sobriety and EDA for emotional sobriety. Hmmm. I don’t know…

I know I’m not doing well and it makes no sense. I was so strong in the program. I ordered the EDA Big Book and started reading that. It makes a lot of sense, much more than the AA Big Book, honestly.

Oh, links: Eating Disorder Anonymous, their Big Book (free online)

I’m meeting with my (AA) sponsor tomorrow to discuss what I wrote in my post yesterday. I’m going to give him my copy of that big book. I ordered another one for myself.

There is one meeting here but it is a tight knit group, like 3 people, and I doubt they’ll want me to come into their little circle. My friend mentioned me, despite my request that she not, at their last meeting and now I feel like I’m going to walk into a room full of judgement, ugh.

I went to the website though and they have online meetings, none of which are at convent times of course. But today I saw that there is a phone meeting so I’ll give that a try. I am not a phone person. However, might as well try it, even just to report back here for anyone who may be interested.

Anyway, more to come… at this point anything that can help is welcome. The anorexic whispers are coming closer, getting louder. Good thing I see my therapist tomorrow.


Wow, I just realized I already mentioned this book in a previous post: here. What a putz! I guess my scattered thinking is worse than I thought. 

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