surgery debacle, thanksgiving debacle

Surgery, Stage 2

Well, that all worked out. There’s something to be said about falling to pieces. Although some might debate the issue I’m fairly confident that it motivated everyone to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it. Or maybe it was that I’ve been through the ringer and they wanted an end of it for me, understanding the utter frustration; or maybe it was that when the scheduler called regarding the last 2 delays I was, although frustrated, kind to her understanding that it wasn’t her fault. More than likely it was a combination of all of those.

Here’s the thing – it was the scheduler’s fault this time since she was the one who canceled the surgery. She read in the notes that they had put the whole device in and assumed that I was done. She didn’t check with any surgeons or doctors or even me. When I informed her that I still have the whole other device in me which needs to be removed, as well as the fact that I need additional injections, well, she saw her mistake and promptly fixed it. Of course they filled my spot so my surgery will be much delayed but will still be on that day, November 30th. I’ve been lucky all these times to be first on the docket allowing me to get in and out before noon but now… who knows. I’m grateful that they squeezed me in. I need time to heal before the snow gets out of control. I need months to heal so I can actually go for walks in the Spring. Okay, that’s not a need but it’s definitely a strong want, with walking. I live alone and might need assistance. No one is going to come over in a snow storm. The second surgery though will be far easier than the first. I probably won’t need anyone’s help.

Post Surgery, Stage 1

It turns out the reason I have to be very careful, not referring to the twisting, etc that could dislodge the wire, is that it takes 2-3 weeks for the scar tissue to form on the pocket they made to hold the device. If I’m going to do any amount of walking I need to wear a belt or something to hold it in place so it doesn’t make the pocket bigger. I rather wish I had known that from the beginning since it appears to droop a little already. It’s almost 2 weeks though, and I heal quite fast, so hopefully it’s settled in more or less. I’m still being cautious though. Now that they removed bandages I have had a wee bit more pain, especially with sitting, but it is totally livable and will get better over time.

The other day I managed the treadmill at the gym. Yeah I was going slowly but it was steady for a ½ hour. I should have gone yesterday but I didn’t. The explanation is in the next session… although I ought to do a new post on the new topic… hmmm, yeah okay. I’ll leave this post as a surgery update only.

Despite the positive outcome I still had left over anxiety from it all to contend with. People who don’t have anxiety simply don’t understand that. They assume that when a situation is resolved, the anxiety magically goes away. If only that were the case. So last Thursday I was a wreck.


Last Thursday was also the Thanksgiving Day celebration at my complex. Sadly I thought it was this coming week and didn’t make it. I’m sure it would have lifted my spirits and made a big difference. I have a freezer full of pumpkin spice cookies now. I’ll take them to meetings and such. The thing is, I haven’t done the holidays in so many years I can’t remember. I was so excited to actually do something this year and the sudden thought that I’d be alone again was more difficult than I had expected. When I apologized to the complex manager she invited me over to her house for thanksgiving. I don’t know… I have till Weds to give her my answer. I almost want to say no and just have the day to myself. It’s been so many years what would be the point? I’ll see how I feel and maybe say yes.

Any thoughts?

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