I’m in so much pain! 😳 The surgery went well. They put me out completely which was a surprise and also installed the interstim since my second surgery is so delayed so yay, showers! The thing is though, I was in so much pain after surgery that they gave me lots of pain shots which resulted in nauseousness. I was throwing up so they wouldn’t let me go. I got rounds of multiple anti-nausea meds all to no avail so I ended up being admitted. So here I am. 

I managed some much needed sleep since I hardly slept the night before surgery, i.e., last night due to pain and probably jitters. When I woke up my back was screaming pain and when I moved, the surgical locations also made themselves known. 😬 

Wow, the staff here is great. They got me something right away, the pain pills for the surgical site and got my back pain med, meloxican (nsaid), ordered. My nurse just came in with the first and said he’d come with the other as soon as they get it he also brought me a hot pad for my back. One issue is these hospital beds, terrible for back problems! 

I’m wide awake. Zack & Lilly came last night which helped a lot. What a great support! I can’t believe I’ve been so fortunate to find ugh good friends, especially after the life I’ve lived. 

Okay, so now what? They have me on IV fluids, obviously, since drinking anything caused me to toss it. I’m feeling better though and m hoping it’s not just the zofram I got earlier. The nurse suggested drinking only about a tablespoon every 15″ or so to see how it goes and reacquaint my body to oral fluids. Even though I’m on clear liquids for eating I’m thinking of eating the chips in my bag in the morning to make sure I’m okay for going home. I’ll see. 

Alright, that’s it for now. 

Any thoughts?

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