end of life…

What a dramatic title, eh?

Before I got into recovery I was very clear on the fact that I could die at any given moment due to the eating disorder. I pretty much trashed my body so what was left but death? I just happened upon Coeio at the same time. They have a special burial suit that biodegrades the body into compost and since I like to be environmentally conscious this seemed a great idea so I joined their first beta program to look at end of life issues. After that I got a suit, although it hasn’t arrived yet. They are still working on manufacturing it.

It’s easier to watch this video for an explanation:

I lso bought a cemetery plot at a natural cemetery preserves: here, or, if you’re really interested, I’ll be at this exact locationif you want to look it up:

42°17’43” N 76°38’16” W opens to map

So, why bring all this up? Today I finally went to finalize my pre-funded funeral. Look, I live alone and will always live alone. At some point, healthy or not, I realize that it’s my responsibility to take care of my end-of-life plans; pay for it, and have everything in order. It’s irresponsible and disrespectful to my family and friends to leave everything for them, or the state. Someone will have to deal with it so this will be easiest for all. Supposedly I’ll have people who care when I fall over dead so why put them through more than they need. Most people say, “let my friends/family do what they want.” But in truth, if people give a small sense of direction, even if it is “have pizza and shoot the breeze about life in my honor” then that gives those who are grieving something to start with. It is just too hard on people to force them to plan everything out trying to guess what you’d like, whether you wanted them to or not, and grieve. So I’m doing something about it and today was another step.

I can pay it off over time sending $50 a month, or whatever I can afford, till it’s paid off. It is very low cost since I’m doing a direct burial with no service. In NY State we have to have funeral directors but that isn’t necessary in many states so costs can be even lower.

Anyway, that’s done. I just need to sign the contract, make out my will, although there’ll be like nothing in it. Basically it’ll give my friend permission to sell or donate everything, keep the money to offset gas costs for driving to the cemetary since it is 3 1/2 hours drive away.

The funny thing is that the first time I met with the funeral director I was frantically trying to get everything done before I croaked. And now that I’m recovering, I was so not that. It was so simple and easy, no fuss no muss. Nice.

I came home and went to a meeting which was great. It’s one that is right down the street so it was a nice walk there and back. Time for bed.



Any thoughts?

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