New Kitty Companion!

Okay, I do have some catching up to do on writing for the past couple of days but as an interlude I thought I’d introduce a new member of my family. This is Mikko who will be coming home today. She is a Manx kitten, 5 months old and only 4.5 lbs depite how monstrous she looks in the picture. I’ll have better pics when I bring her home but had to share this bundle of love. She’s all head and feet. No doubt she’ll add to my recovery along all spectrums: love, joy, patience, frustrations, and probably everything in between. πŸ™‚

Version 2



One thought on “New Kitty Companion!

  1. aw she is gorgeous πŸ™‚ my cat is rolling around here grumbling trying to get me back to our game !! cats are amazing! they give sooooooo much πŸ™‚ welcome little Mikko!! Lucia has the same long white fluff on the hind paws!! omg little grey and pink cat toes are the cutest thing – my other cats were tabbies with velvet charcoal toes but black and white cats have pink and black toes and they are the cutest neatest little beans πŸ™‚ enjoy!!! embrace the changes she brings!!

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