Cautionary tale, body damage

Many of us go through a period of denial, simply not believing we are sick enough to get treatment or that we are not as bad as, well, whatever is being implied.  Yesterday I met with the doctor/psychiatrist, nutritionist and assigned therapist. The doctor confirmed my EKG was reflective of my current health (malnutritioned) and […]

I’m here

Well shock of shock, they rushed the authorization through and I’m now sitting in the waiting room to be admitted. It was a beautiful sunny 2 1/2 hour drive here so hopefully that will be reflective of my stay here.  I don’t remember what day one was like from last time. Lots of forms I […]

leaving on monday

After a whirl wind of phone calls on Friday, the intake coordinator said to just come on Monday, 11 am. I don’t have the insurance authorization yet but she is hoping they’ll confirm Monday or at latest, Tuesday. She has a lot more confidence than I do but than she’s been dealing with insurance her […]

There’s still a thread

The results of my assessment last Friday are that Sol Stone will be a good placement for me. I found that out Tuesday.  Let me back up a little. By Monday, when I was told I’d get the call, I had convinced myself that I would be denied, I wouldn’t be acceptable, I wasn’t sick […]

Morning update

I got a call yesterday from the intake coordinator to set up an phone interview appointment. She asked if I have any questions. What questions would I have? I didn’t know and she said she also wouldn’t know what questions to suggest till after the interview. This is not an intake by the way. Surprisingly […]


Here’s the truth of it. I’m not skeletal. I don’t deserve treatment. I’ll probably not be moved up the waiting list. Generally if someone is more in need, they get put ahead. I’m not sick enough, I’m not anything enough. Having said that, I’ll ask my nutritionist tomorrow about these things. I honestly don’t know […]