omg – art therapy :(

I have to get this out of me. My brain has been obsessing over this since last night at art therapy. I can’t stand it and am on the verge of quitting going to iOP on Wednesdays even though I need iOP and art therapy used to be my favorite group. It started with a previous post […]

over-medicated = nightmare

I’m not sure this was a good idea but here I am none the less. Today is iOP day so, as usual, I come early to sit at the cafe and catch up with wordpress. My stomach has been upset since yesterday, to be explained, so haven’t had much to drink and don’t want to […]

Trauma remembered, part two

Part one is here. 5a During pro-op they told me to go to 5a, Surgical Ambulatory, since I was going under general anesthesia. The actual procedure, colonoscopy, triggers a different memory from what was explained in part one, a different rape, which is why I do full on anesthesia instead of light sedation. Anyway, the […]

Trauma remembered, part one

Perceived Persona One day past the procedure. Okay, I hate transitions, have I mentioned that? (relevant to update later in this post)┬áMany people say they hate ‘change’ but I like the word transitions because I, in fact, do make some changes in my life that are okay, albeit with occasional difficulty. Hmm, examples…. changing my […]

on the outside looking in

We actually had a fun art prompt at art therapy. It was making Mandalas and wow did everyone design and interpret it differently! I made the circle and just stared at it, hmmmm, what to do. I ended up getting a bunch of ribbon spools and made circles inside the circle, all different sizes. I […]